Stephen speaks out on importance of working together to tackle extremism

Stephen has spoken out about working together to tackle extremism, saying: “Reports over the weekend about young men from Cardiff who appear to have joined extremists fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq are of grave concern to me, community leaders and police in Cardiff.


“From speaking to community leaders, I know that the view of the Muslim community in Cardiff is one of condemnation and deep concern regarding the activities of these individuals, and equally towards those who have recruited young and impressionable individuals with false promises and a twisted version of Islam.

“We are proud in Cardiff of a long history of respect and interaction between our diverse communities – which include some of the oldest Muslim communities in Britain.

“Unfortunately some of our young people are being exposed to material on the internet and the siren words of manipulative extremists – and we all need to redouble our efforts together to tackle those who seek to exploit and mislead our young people.

“We will continue to work together to challenge those who preach hate – from whatever community, faith or denomination they come,” he added.

“These people and their ideologies have no place in Cardiff and are not welcome here.

“If you have concerns about a family member, or you believe attempts are being made to recruit or influence anyone to engage in terrorism or extremist activity at home or abroad, call 0800 789321 in strict confidence, or call 999.”



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