Stephen raises concerns over recent rail service performance and risk of future cutbacks

Stephen raised concerns in the House of Commons over the recent performance of First Great Western rail services, and the risk of future cutbacks.

Speaking in transport questions last week, he asked the Minister to respond to concerns raised by passenger groups and trade unions, both about ongoing performance and potential cuts to buffet cars, guards and other services.

Speaking afterwards, he said: “As a regular commuter using First Great Western services, I’m well aware of the challenges they face.

“But at the very least these questions – about future intentions for the service and how improvements can be made for passengers – need to be asked.

“Of course some performance issues are the fault of Network Rail and others due to unforeseen events, but FGW need to do a much better job of helping customers who are delayed or who have concerns.

“We will all welcome the electrification of the line and the introduction of new rolling stock, but it is crucial that this leads to a significant upgrade in the service, and not a downgrading, which employees and passengers are rightly concerned about – particularly as rail fares continue to rise despite the ongoing cost-of-living crisis facing people across the country.

“I’d encourage constituents with similar concerns to get in touch.”


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