Stephen highlights ‘staggering’ number of voters who have dropped off the Electoral Register in Cardiff

A ‘STAGGERING’ 23,500 voters have disappeared from the Electoral Register in Cardiff over the last year – and Stephen this week demanded action from the Government.

Questioning the Deputy Prime Minister in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Stephen said: “According to the latest figures, a staggering 23,500 voters appear to be missing from the electoral registration lists in Cardiff. We have already heard how the scandal is affecting young people and students, but it also appears that a significant number of people in the black and minority ethnic community across the city are missing from the register. What is the Deputy Prime Minister going to do about this?”

Last week (Thursday 5 February) saw National Voter Registration Day – and worrying figures following analysis by Labour show that nationwide, almost a million voters have disappeared from the Electoral Register in the last year. In the Cardiff area alone some 23,538 voters have dropped off.

“The figures are truly shocking and this is nothing less than a scandal,” said Stephen.

“People of all ages and backgrounds are affected, as a direct consequence of the Government’s decision to ignore warnings that rushing through new individual registration reforms would damage democracy.”

According to the Electoral Commission, 7.5million eligible voters are absent from the register UK-wide, with 4.5 million at risk of dropping off in total over the next 18 months. Those most likely to drop off include students, young people, private renters, and BAME communities, with a particular problem in towns and cities with large numbers of students and young people.

“The figures are shocking, and all the while the Government is sitting by and watching tens of thousands of people in Cardiff, Penarth, the Vale, and right across the country, lose their democratic rights,” added Stephen.

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