Stephen comments on allegations of non-payment of minimum wage to care workers in Penarth

Responding to allegations by Corporate Watch UK and reports on the BBC that MiHomeCare / Mitie may have been paying less than the National Minimum Wage to care workers based in Penarth – Stephen said:

“These are deeply concerning allegations and I will be demanding an urgent meeting with MiHomeCare / Mitie to question them on this matter and raising this urgently with Ministers.

“It is utterly unacceptable for any company to try and circumvent the National Minimum Wage – and if these allegations are proved to be true then HMRC need to act urgently to ensure workers are compensated and the company faces tough sanctions.

“Sadly this government has done far too little to ensure the implementation of the National Minimum Wage – which is why I put Minister George Freeman on the spot earlier this month in the Commons. He admitted to me that there had only been a shocking NINE prosecutions for non payment of the minimum wage since 2010, and accused me of the ‘politics of envy’ for raising the issue.

“This is about a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work – and tough penalties and prosecution for those who fail to comply.

“Far too many care workers and other crucial professions are struggling to get by on poverty pay – as well as the serious implications for those who rely on them.


“It’s simply not good enough. I am proud Labour plans to raise the minimum wage and incentivise payment of the higher living wage.”



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