Statement on calls for a comprehensive child abuse inquiry

I have been contacted by a number of people in recent weeks regarding the shocking reports of abuse of children that have emerged, not only as a result of the Jimmy Savile investigation but also numerous other inquiries.

As someone who previously worked on global children’s rights issues for a major charity, I am appalled by the reports and allegations that continue to emerge – and as a whole society we need to do everything we can to investigate and prosecute these cases where wrongdoing is uncovered, regardless of whenever or wherever these occurred, or whoever was involved.

I want to see a comprehensive and properly structured inquiry that draws together the fragmented investigations into institutions and individuals throughout the country.

I believe the Home Secretary should step in now, to do this and establish an overarching inquiry led by child protection experts – with a focus on securing prosecutions, but also crucially with the welfare of the victims of these horrendous crimes at its heart, so we can make sure vulnerable young people are listened to and better protected from these horrible crimes.

Although legislation has moved forward and great strides have been made in child protection, we all know that much more needs to be done. We must continue to keep child protection laws and practices under regular review so that we can ensure that we do everything possible to protect our children and young people in this country, and at the same time also ensure that our aid and foreign policy helps to tackle abuse, trafficking and the horrors facing too many children and young people around the world.



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