Raising Calais Concerns with the Home Secretary, and speaking up for Local Government Pension holders

I spoke up last week on behalf of children seeking sanctuary, at risk from the Calais camp situation. I was proud to support my colleagues Stella Creasy MP and Yvette Cooper MP who have done so much to put pressure to secure safe passage for unaccompanied vulnerable children.

I questioned the Home Secretary on children who are believed may have gone missing in the process. I asked the Home Secretary to commit herself to investigating the cases of those whom the Home Office had expected to take on, but who are now missing and asked if she would also commit herself to investigating and tracking down what has happened to those young people, particularly if their safety has been put at risk.  You can watch my full exchange with the Home Secretary here.

Speaking to Radio Wales about refugees

On air with Radio Wales

I also spoke to BBC Radio Wales on the importance of making clearer distinctions between different types of migration, and the importance of supporting the most vulnerable. You can listen to my interview on the subject here at about 1h39m in to the programme.

Also last week, I had a chance to speak on behalf of concerned constituents and UNISON members who have written to me or signed a major petition with concerns about changes to local government pension scheme rules. Lots of Labour MPs were present to challenge the government on this crucial issue.

Over the past months I have been contacted by many people who have great concerns about the undemocratic way in which they see the process going forward. Whatever their individual views might be on where investments should or should not go – whether that is for economic, financial or ethical reasons – the process seems to them to be fundamentally undemocratic.

I am also continuing to raise the issue of the Allied Steel and Wire Pensioners, am a member of the Equitable Life All Party Group – and have been fighting for the WASPI women pensioners. Pensions are an issue that affects us all.

You can read more about the local government pension issue here.


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