Putting the focus on international development: Stephen launches ‘Beyond Aid: Labour’s ambition for a radical development agenda’

Stephen Doughty MP and Baroness Glenys Kinnock last night launched a pamphlet focusing on international development priorities at this critical time in the run-up to the General Election.

At the launch of the pamphlet this week.

At the launch of the pamphlet this week.

‘Beyond Aid: Labour’s ambition for a radical development agenda’ analyses the challenges the UK and other countries around the World face, and includes contributions from experts on a wide range of issues from climate change to inequality, women’s rights to decent work, education to health, and much more.

The pamphlet aims to challenge the status quo of development thinking in the UK and provide renewed ambition and ideas for a radical development agenda. The launch event in Parliament on Tuesday (March 3) was chaired by Ben Jackson (CEO of Bond), and Stephen and Glenys were joined on the panel by Mary Riddell (The Telegraph) and Dr Jason Hickel (the LSE).

Speaking ahead of the launch, Stephen said: “I’m proud that my constituency is home to some of the most well established diaspora communities – from countries in the Horn of Africa and beyond – as well as a number of the most active development campaign groups in Wales, working on issues like fair trade and building links to particular communities.

“The pamphlet that Glenys and I have been working on builds on the amazing work going on at a local level, draws on the expertise that exists in the UK, and seeks to keep development issues high up the political agenda.

“Later this year countries from right around the world will come together to agree the goals to meet our ambition to eradicate poverty over the next fifteen years, and in December the world will seek a new agreement to tackle climate change.

“At the same time, some political parties would rather raise the drawbridge and cut Wales and the UK off from the rest of the world, while others do not discuss these issues at all. I am certain that it is only the Labour Party that can provide Britain with the leadership needed to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change and help the World’s poorest.”

For more details or to download the pamphlet visit http://lcid.org.uk/resources/beyondaid/



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