Stephen challenges Home Secretary over police resourcing for capital city

Stephen has challenged the Home Secretary in the House of Commons to ensure Cardiff and neighbouring areas such as the Vale get the right policing resources to cope with the challenges of Cardiff’s increasing profile as a capital city, tourism and global sporting events destination.

He said: “I have repeatedly raised my concerns about the fact that Cardiff is not getting the right funding and resources to cope with the demands of a capital city that hosts major sporting, cultural, business and governmental events – not least in the light of the increased threat from terrorism.

“The Government need to ensure that South Wales Police get the resources necessary for policing Cardiff, including specialist officers and armed response, whilst ensuring we can continuing to maintain active community policing engagement in every community across South Wales. We must not be forced to rob Peter to pay Paul.

“The Tory shambles over the police funding formula in recent months, and the lack of certainty over police funding across the UK, stand in stark contrast with the Welsh Labour Government’s investment in PCSOs and the work of our Labour Police and Crime Commissioner in focusing resources where they are most needed.” 

Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael said: “I and the Chief Constable have repeatedly made the factual case about the unique pressures that are faced by the police in Cardiff, which are heavier than in many much larger cities in England.  I am grateful to Stephen for raising these issues directly with the Home Secretary and it is in the interests of every community in South Wales to have this funding anomaly corrected. 

“We are determined not to abandon the close connection with local communities across the 1.3 million population of the South Wales Police area, but that will continue to put unfair pressure on our officers, PCSOs and staff – unless the Home Office formula is amended to take fair account of the unique pressures on South Wales.”


House of Commons Debate

24 February 2016

“Stephen Doughty: I have spoken to the Home Secretary previously about this, and the Minister for Policing, Crime and Criminal Justice was good enough to meet me recently to discuss the specific concerns facing Cardiff— as a capital city—and its neighbouring regions, particularly when dealing with the threat from terrorism. Will she look closely and generously at the specific needs facing Cardiff when she considers the resources that she is speaking about?

Mrs May: There are two aspects to this. There is the request that Cardiff has made for capital city grant, in the same way that London receives capital city grant. This has been looked at very carefully on a number of occasions. In overall policing terms, London has specific responsibilities and issues to address that are not reflected in Cardiff as a capital city. Separately, there is the whole question of counter-terrorism policing. The counter-terrorism policing budget is separate. We have been able to not just protect it but increase it for such issues as the provision of firearms officers. I recognise the points the hon. Gentleman has made to me and my right hon. Friend the Minister for Policing, Crime and Criminal Justice about ensuring that proper counter-terrorism resource is available in the Cardiff area for policing.”



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