‘A dark day in the proud history of steel making in Cardiff’: Stephen’s statement following the tragic events at Celsa

I am devastated to learn that two people have tragically lost their lives as a result of the serious incident at the Celsa steel works in my constituency on Wednesday morning. This is a dark day in the proud history of steel making in Cardiff.

My heart and prayers go out to the affected families and the entire workforce, particularly those who were also injured. I also want to pay tribute to the fire, police and ambulance services who have responded with diligence and professionalism to such a serious incident.

I have visited the works numerous times over the past few years – most recently two weeks ago, and have a close relationship with the workforce, management and trade unions, and live close to the plant in Splott – so this comes as a major shock. I have been in close contact with them and it is clear how devastated and shocked they are by this terrible event.

A full investigation will of course be required in due course, but at this stage our focus must be on those who have been directly affected and who have tragically lost their lives.



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